The First Word: Four HR trends coming up on the horizon


We all know there’s no such thing as business as usual. The dynamics of commerce mean the only constant is change. And even after the seismic shifts we all felt during the pandemic, the post-Covid working environment looks set to continue to evolve at pace. For business leaders wanting to move toward growth with clarity […]

The First Word: Strategies to empower Singapore’s shrinking tech workforce


It’s tempting to assume that laid off tech workers have flooded the job market – but this is far from the case. Many of those impacted have found alternative job opportunities. This is especially true for roles which have highly sought after tech capabilities – there simply isn’t enough talent to go around. If anything, […]

HR Tech Update: The power of tech-enabled background checks


The ability to attract and retain top talent is crucial, especially in today’s evolving job market. One critical aspect of the hiring process for HR is conducting thorough background checks. To do this efficiently and effectively, companies are turning to various technology tools. What does a background check entail? Before we delve into the advantages […]

HR Tech Update: Why you need a rulebook for your AI in HR


Artificial intelligence (AI) is booming in popularity, and this is true in the human resources sector as well. We’ve covered several instances of the practical use-cases AI offers to HR – from AI-driven chatbots to AI reducing bias during the hiring process. However, AI is a new and largely unexplored field when it comes to […]

Five innovative strategies for talent acquisition in 2024


As we step into 2024, the world of talent acquisition is in the midst of a profound transformation. The dynamics of recruitment are continually evolving, driven by technological advancements, shifts in workforce expectations, and the ever-growing competition for top talent. HR professionals must adapt to these changes, leveraging innovative strategies to ensure they remain at […]

HR Tech Update: How AI-powered HR tools can reduce bias in hiring


We have talked before about how AI can support and aid HR functions, specifically in training and recruitment. Artificial intelligence is being applied to more HR technologies, and one promising use case is its potential to reduce and minimise bias during the hiring process. It’s crucial that human resources is able to recruit and train […]

The First Word: Leveraging AI for people-centric recruitment and continuous learning


We’re seeing competition for talent with AI-related skills heating up, as business leaders anticipate that Generative AI will revolutionise industries and redefine jobs. Our recent Global Talent Trends Report shows that job posts mentioning AI grew by 1.1x in Australia, 2.5x in India, 1.9x in Japan and 2.4x in Southeast Asia over the last two […]

Survey: Younger Filipino workers inclined to have part-time jobs


More and more Filipino workers are turning to part-time jobs to boost their income and achieve financial stability, according to a recent survey by Agile Data Solutions, Inc., a startup market research firm. The survey found that 60% of its respondents have part-time jobs, with the majority being younger Filipinos. The survey was conducted from […]

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