The First Word: Designing workplace experience for a dynamic workforce


The iconic workplace culture of the early 2000s has crumbled in the face of a global pandemic, largely impacting the concept of the physical office space. The transformation from the traditional workplace to hybrid and remote working models is not just a fleeting trend; it’s a fundamental shift in how a new generation of employees […]

The Reading List: How can managers support employees during conflicts?


Here is some light reading material curated by Chief of Staff Asia to keep you updated over the weekend.   How Can Managers Support Employees During The Israel-Hamas War? | Forbes Leaders must promote open dialogue without inciting conflict and acknowledge the humanity behind every pair of eyes in meetings. By demonstrating empathy and compassion, […]

Five ways HR can modernise the end-of-year staff event


As another year gracefully nears its conclusion, the time-honoured tradition of the end-of-year staff event takes centre stage, providing a pivotal juncture to reflect on accomplishments and fortify team spirits. However, within the dynamic tapestry of today’s corporate realm, the infusion of modernity stands poised to breathe fresh life into these cherished gatherings. Within this […]

APAC needs to prepare for green jobs, ADB says


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has recommended that Asia-Pacific countries prepare their workforce for green jobs as the region transitions to a low-carbon economy. In its paper titled “Preparing the Workforce for the Low-Carbon Economy: A Closer Look at Green Jobs and Green Skills,” the ADB said that countries in the region need to conduct […]

Chief of Staff Five: Teamwork makes the dream work


Teamwork is often considered an element that doesn’t receive the primary focus in a company. However, a strong team has significant impacts, such as building a sense of ownership, employee satisfaction, and high loyalty. It’s crucial for HR to view their team members as individuals, not just professional resources. Effective teamwork isn’t just about productivity; […]

HR Champions: Somruedee Chaimongkol’s communication focus


Title: CEO Organisation: Banpu Public Company Office headquarters: Thailand Company operations: Southeast Asia, China, Australia, Mongolia, Japan, and the US Industry: Oil, gas, resources and energy Employees: 3,000 Somruedee Chaimongkol recognises the importance of continuous learning and of riding trends, so it is a combination of digitisation, upskilling, and communication that she aims to implement for […]

Vietnam faces challenges in creating ‘green jobs’


Vietnam is facing challenges in creating enough qualified workers for new roles in the green energy transition. The demand for green skills is outpacing its availability, and around 60% of young people may lack the necessary skills to thrive in the green economy by 2030. The International Labour Organization estimates that there will be about […]

Five ways HR can help employees embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace


In today’s diverse and interconnected world, fostering an inclusive workplace has become paramount for organisational success. As advocates of employee well-being and professional growth, HR professionals in Southeast Asian organisations play a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I). Embracing D&I goes beyond compliance; it empowers employees to thrive in an environment that values […]

DBS empowers workforce with sustainable financing skills


The initiative aligns with the bank’s commitment to responsible banking and social progress. It aims to equip employees with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving financial landscape. DBS recognizes the rapidly changing dynamics in the financial sector, driven by the increasing importance of sustainable practices and transitioning to a low-carbon economy. To stay ahead […]

Singapore’s total employment rate shows stability, despite economic challenges


Despite economic challenges and uncertainties, Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) latest labour report demonstrates the resilience of Singapore’s workforce and its ability to adapt in difficult times. Its total employment rate remained stable, showcasing a positive trend despite ongoing global economic fluctuations. The total employment rate measures the number of employed individuals, including both residents […]

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