The First Word: Four HR trends coming up on the horizon


We all know there’s no such thing as business as usual. The dynamics of commerce mean the only constant is change. And even after the seismic shifts we all felt during the pandemic, the post-Covid working environment looks set to continue to evolve at pace. For business leaders wanting to move toward growth with clarity […]

The First Word: Retaining the humans in human resources


The growth of artificial intelligence (AI), the Covid-19 pandemic, and the accelerating trend towards globalisation have combined to usher in an epochal shift in working practices, arguably the most significant since the industrial revolution. The traditional office model, where employees collaborate in close proximity, has given way to more atomised workforces, with individuals operating in […]

Asticom CEO: Talent mobility, work-life balance key to battling attrition


Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, Chief Executive Officer of Philippine tech company Asticom, outlines the “Gain, Grow, and Give” strategy, aimed at gaining the best talent, growing them within the organisation, and giving continuous opportunities for personal growth and career advancement. Her interview with Chief of Staff Asia is published in line with our latest whitepaper discussing HR challenges […]

The First Word: Strategies to empower Singapore’s shrinking tech workforce


It’s tempting to assume that laid off tech workers have flooded the job market – but this is far from the case. Many of those impacted have found alternative job opportunities. This is especially true for roles which have highly sought after tech capabilities – there simply isn’t enough talent to go around. If anything, […]

“Outspoken” Gen Z culture an opportunity for organisational growth – Mharicar Castillo-Reyes


While banking strongly on technology adaptation, Asticom Chief Executive Officer Mharicar Castillo-Reyes also underscores the importance of providing meaningful work, sustaining human connection, and catering to the younger workforce particularly in the Philippine setting. Her interview with Chief of Staff Asia is published in line with our latest whitepaper discussing HR challenges in the Philippines. “More […]

Asticom CEO: The Philippines needs greater digital literacy


Digital literacy is key to driving growth for the Philippine workforce, says Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, Chief Executive Officer of tech company Asticom. This includes quelling people’s apprehension towards the concept of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) Her interview with Chief of Staff Asia is published in line with our latest whitepaper discussing HR challenges in the Philippines. […]

HR Tech Update: Unleashing creativity with HR technology


Technology has done a lot for HR – from automating tedious tasks to improving reach and improving efficiency. Another advantage is the potential for HR to unleash its creativity with new technology solutions.    Social media for outreach and research There are countless pieces of recruitment, hiring, and employee management software and platforms for finding […]

HR Tech Update: Why you need a rulebook for your AI in HR


Artificial intelligence (AI) is booming in popularity, and this is true in the human resources sector as well. We’ve covered several instances of the practical use-cases AI offers to HR – from AI-driven chatbots to AI reducing bias during the hiring process. However, AI is a new and largely unexplored field when it comes to […]

HR Tech Update: Why you should be training for security awareness with your HR tech


The world of HR tech is rapidly advancing. Breakthroughs in technology, from cloud computing to artificial intelligence, are making these tech applications paramount in effective HR performance. This is especially true as the world’s landscape begins to more heavily favour remote (or hybrid) working environments in numerous industries.  But has security awareness and cybersecurity training […]

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