About 4,000 new nurses to enter Singapore workforce

The Singaporean Ministry of Health has announced that it will be expanding the healthcare workforce by approximately 4,000 new nurses by the end of 2023. This plan is part of an effort to replace those lost overseas and bring more healthcare professionals into the country.

Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung said the number is “significant”, making up about 10% of the current nursing workforce. The number is also 700 more than the number of nurses onboarded in 2021.

Ong added that the government is looking for ways to lighten the workload of nurses in order to alleviate some pressure.

“During the pandemic, the competition for nurses by different countries has been very intense, and we lost many of our good and experienced foreign nurses. We will need to replace the nurses we lost, and further expand our nursing workforce by building up both the local and foreign manpower pipelines,” he explained.

There will be a higher proportion of foreign to local nurses of the close to 4,000 nurses expected to be onboarded next year. The ratio is about 60:40, making up for the deceased foreign nurse recruitment at the height of the pandemic, the minister said.

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