Billease and Smile API streamlines employee verification with cutting-edge tech

In a bid to transform the landscape of human resources and employee verification, BillEase has formed a strategic partnership with identity verification specialist Smile API. The collaboration aims to revolutionise HR processes and streamline procedures for employment verification.

In particular, the partnership will allow for an  in-app employment verification system to the vast network of businesses that already utilise BillEase’s financial technology services. By seamlessly integrating Smile API’s advanced identity verification solutions into the Billease platform, employers will gain access to a robust tool that offers swift and reliable employee verification.

The system will allow employers to validate the credentials and work history of potential employees directly. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Smile API’s advanced identity verification solutions can verify employment details, such as previous job titles, tenure, and salary history, in real-time. This transformative technology eliminates the need for manual intervention, streamlining the verification process and empowering businesses to make more informed hiring decisions.

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