Case Study: Kasikorn Bank’s employer branding for 2023

BANKING AND FINANCE: Kasikorn Bank in Thailand is another financial institution that is embracing strategic projects and innovation that aim to boost employee engagement. The emphasis is wholly on the development of future skills required to fit the changing environment of work.


Through the KBank Academy, the organisation has implemented the “Work That FITS” project that aims to tune into how employees’ lifestyles fit with their careers. A flexible, hybrid work model, the program is bespoke to each employee and created with their supervisors so that they can manage lives outside of work while being able to deliver outcomes and ensure data and system security in their work. 

Sansana Sukhanunth, KBank Executive Vice President, notes that it is now KBank policy to ensure employees feel as if their work is meaningful, they are adequately paid, and they share in the overall goals of the organisation.

“Having an appealing place to work must start from providing capable employees a multitude of new opportunities at both the national and regional scale. When staff can demonstrate their talents, innovate products and services, and develop their potential boundlessly, then everyone wins,” she said.

This is an excerpt from the Future Proof: Overcoming HR Challenges in Banking and Finance

Access the full report here.

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