Chery’s entry to Malaysia to boost economy with 4,000 jobs

Chery aims to establish a strong presence in the Malaysian market as part of the company’s strategic growth strategy and commitment to tapping into the region’s potential.

The expansion is expected to significantly benefit Malaysia’s job market, with the creation of numerous roles across various sectors. The high-skilled nature of these positions indicates a potential upskilling and employment opportunities for local talent, fostering economic growth and talent development in the country.

The Malaysian government has warmly welcomed Chery’s entry into the market, acknowledging the positive impact it will have on the nation’s economy and workforce. The move aligns with the government’s efforts to attract foreign investment and enhance technological capabilities within the country.

Industry experts view Chery’s decision to invest in Malaysia as a testament to the nation’s growing reputation as a regional hub for skilled labor and technological innovation. The automotive giant’s confidence in the local workforce and business environment reflects positively on Malaysia’s ability to foster a conducive climate for foreign investors.

With the expansion set to roll out over the next five years, Chery is expected to work closely with local authorities and industry partners to facilitate a seamless integration into the Malaysian market. This collaboration is essential in ensuring a successful launch and maximizing the positive impact on the economy.

As the expansion progresses, stakeholders are eagerly awaiting the positive effects it will bring to Malaysia’s technological capabilities and employment landscape.

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