Getting to know: Wendy Weehuizen from Sony Music Entertainment

Job Title: Vice President of People Experience, Asia and the Middle East

Organisation: Sony Music Entertainment  

Time in the role: Just over one year 

Based in: Singapore

Family status: Married, with three children, and one “sweet and silly” dog! 

Academic background: Bachelor in Business Administration, HR Management & Organisational Behaviour from the National University Singapore

Favourite music: “I thrive on a variety of music that gives me the energy to meet the unique demands of my day. Sony Music Entertainment signs up the best artists, but I can’t pick between them!”

Leadership philosophy: “I enjoy learning through different perspectives, and the seven hats of a great leader resonate with me: self-awareness, interpersonal impact, core leadership capability, a role model leading with different perspectives, building capabilities, evolving the organisation, and shaping the future.” 

Go-to leadership quote: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker, US-based management consultant

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