Grayling Singapore to test 4.5-day workweek through 2023

According to the firm, this initiative aims to explore the potential benefits of a reduced working schedule and assess its impact on employee well-being and productivity.

Starting from August 1 until the end of 2023, employees who worked with Grayling Singapore for 1 year and up is granted the opportunity to participate in this innovative trial. The scheme will involve a reduced workweek of four and a half days, allowing employees to experience an improved work-life balance while ensuring they remain committed to their professional responsibilities.

By adopting a shorter workweek, Grayling Singapore seeks to address prevalent issues related to employee burnout and stress, prevalent in today’s competitive business landscape. The company hopes to boost overall employee morale and job satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more engaged and productive team.

Throughout the trial period, the company will closely monitor and analyze the performance metrics and feedback from employees. This data-driven approach will enable the firm to make informed decisions about the feasibility of adopting a permanent 4.5-day workweek in the future.

The shift towards a 4.5-day workweek underscores Grayling Singapore’s commitment to promoting a healthy work environment and investing in the well-being of its employees. By prioritising the needs of their workforce, the company demonstrates its forward-thinking approach towards achieving sustainable business growth and success.

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