Heinekin launches beer-driven campaign to combat “workplace ghosting”

Global beer brand has unveiled its Work Responsibly campaign featuring Korean actor Park Hyung-Sik, targeting the overworking culture in Singapore. It is encouraging Generation Z and millennial professionals to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the post-Covid era.

HEINEKEN® launches Work Responsibly campaign to combat workplace ghosting

A Ministry of Manpower report revealed employees in Singapore worked an average of 44.3 hours weekly in 2022, while Heinekin’s own research found 67% of respondents had experienced burnout due to poor work-life balance.

The campaign aims to address ‘workplace ghosting’, with 49% of employees citing work as the primary reason for not meeting up with friends or cancelling plans at the last minute.

Park Hyung-Sik stars in a paranormal-themed video that highlights the importance of avoiding overwork.

The survey found 72% of employees struggled to reject additional work, fearing negative consequences for their careers.

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