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In this interview with Chief of Staff Asia, Human Capital Director of Bank Danamon, Heriyanto Agung Putra, disclosed that a leader must not only pay attention to the key performance indicators as the only growth factors.  

More importantly, people management contributes to growth. Putra believes in the three major roles that a good people leader must fulfill.

“The first role is as a people manager who knows the team very well. Second, as a culture manager to enhance the company culture. Lastly, as a task manager who meets and manages targets. 

“Without these roles, a leader will feel the only need is to manage KPI alone,” he explains.

In managing people, the hardest part is managing their performance. With about 9,000 employees and with the changing of the “business engine,” Putra said that it has been challenging.

“People in the organisation have to focus on their performance. We want to be a high-performance organisation. To do this, we improve the performance management system to check how we will achieve the target. It’s not about the regular performance evaluation but ensuring that every plan or target is achievable.” 

Bank Danamon’s management considers the young members of the workforce as it refines the performance management system model. Otherwise, it will not be appropriate, according to Putra. 

For 15 years, Putra has served in the HR arena from different industries, with more than six years in the banking industry.

With this longevity, Putra wants to do more. “We must improve our employee capability because we aspire to be one of the largest banks in Indonesia. I have to make the environment better for a high-performance culture.”

He emphasised their suitability for the future. The Bank’s people should join their community as they work in the organisation so that they could have an open mindset for better adaptability in the future,” he continues. 

Putra is a known pro bono mentor among HR practitioners in Indonesia.

“People ask me to be their mentor. In the evening, usually, I meet them for coaching. Giving insights to them makes me feel comfortable in situations I need to manage crises and troubleshoot problems. I grow from it also.”

Mentoring is the legacy he wants to leave behind. “I just want to share something that I have. It’s where I am skilled.”

In parting, Putra highlights patience and energy to reach any goal. 

“Your background is nothing. It is just a foundation. Everything is about commitment and energy.”


This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia’s exclusive interview with Heriyanto Agung Putra, Human Capital Director of Bank Danamon. For further coverage please see the below links:

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