HR Tech Update: Expanding HR’s capacity to provide 24/7 support with tech tools

allison-moore-2Many companies that are growing are tapping into a more diverse talent pool by recruiting employees on a global scale. With the workforce spread out across multiple countries, and even time zones, HR’s ability to provide instant communication and resources to staff (or to job seekers who have the potential to become staff) may become stretched too thin. 

While speaking person-to-person may be the best method of resolution for many issues, HR in businesses of any size can expand its capacity to provide assistance, support and vital information, while also reducing the department’s own workload and streamlining certain processes by using a mix of the right technological tools. 


Using chat support

Using an automated chat application, HR can reply to queries at any time of the day, then log the chat information into its system and note when further in-person assistance is needed to follow-up.

By training these programmes with customised data, HR can tailor their responses to almost any query or issue to be accurate and specific to the organisation. This, along with customising the chat bot to write in the company’s tone of voice, can ensure that staff and potential recruits feel supported and heard even when HR is not physically present or available for a direct conversation. 


Providing employees with the tools they need 

Combining an instant chat messaging application with an employee self-service portal is even more effective, as it provides employees with the autonomy to find the information they need themselves, or to carry out certain tasks alone – such as logging in their expense claims. An employee self-service portal not only increases the productivity and efficiency of the workforce by teaching staff members how to carry out essential HR-related tasks themselves, but it makes tracking their data analytics even more effective. 

For example, HR can use the data about employee work hours gathered from the portal, or most-asked questions about work policies, to develop a framework that addresses related work processes, or to make policy changes that improve employee retention and satisfaction. 

These tech tools are essential for HR in any business, allowing the department to provide 24/7 assistance and support from any location, and to empower employees.

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