HR Tech Update: Finding the right roles for non-executive roles through online job portals


Non-PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) positions require fewer skills and qualifications. In the Southeast Asia market they are evolving, and slowly becoming more attractive to jobseekers. Organisations and governments alike are taking notice of how crucial non-PMET roles are, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic affected economies everywhere. In Singapore, for example, the government made efforts to redesign non-PMET jobs in the food and beverage (F&B), retail, and administrative support industries – and noticed a significant decline in vacancies for these jobs.

Tech-enabled solutions for hiring in non-PMET sectors

HR in companies that have many non-PMET roles can benefit massively from adopting tech solutions into their arsenal, such as online job portals that target these vacancies. Reaching talent when recruiting for positions such as security guards, waiters, and sales assistants can be achieved through these portals, expanding companies’ opportunities for growth and enhancing their resilience. Non-PMET roles are crucial to the success and stability of many companies across a number of industries. These include communications, construction, cleaning and landscaping, wholesale trade, manufacturing, retail, and many more.

Continuing to use Singapore as an example, the Ministry of Manpower 2022 labour market report revealed academic qualifications for 74% of vacancies took a lower priority for employers, including PMET employers, which displayed a shift in market expectations when it came to hiring non-PMET jobs. This shift made it easier for those seeking these roles, with employers instead focusing on relevant work experience and skills.

How online job portals encourage growth for non-PMETs

HR professionals can integrate software like Fastjobs or GrabJobs into their recruitment processes. These online portals allow for automation of certain hiring processes, such as applicant screening and filtering, and effective management of applicants. They can even provide features that allow for better targeting of talent, such as searching for candidates by postal code, matching skills in CVs to open positions, and instant real-time messaging between employers and shortlisted applicants.

These tech solutions have the added benefits of low cost and maintenance, allowing companies to continue supporting their hiring operations of non-PMETs through potentially hindering challenges, such as leadership changes or budget restrictions. They can also advance HR’s efforts in reaching a wider network in a more convenient way, while keeping candidate information confidential.

Encouraging non-PMET opportunities through tech-based solutions is beneficial for both companies and individuals, especially as the business landscape in Southeast Asia transforms to facilitate easier hiring in these roles.

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