HR Tech Update: How HR can effectively and innovatively train employees on new technology

allison-moore-2HR teams often bring new digital tools to their workplace tech stack in an effort to improve existing systems – both for themselves and for their employees. However, the constantly evolving nature of technology in the workplace can sometimes overwhelm employees, leaving them to fall behind in adapting and actually using this tech for their benefit. 

To overcome this obstacle, HR should review and develop training techniques, creating personalised training to solve the specific challenges that employees are experiencing in adopting new technologies. 

Training for different generations and challenges

With a new generation of workers entering the landscape, and new technology systems being introduced, the different generations in the workforce may experience unique difficulties with technology. 

For example, the younger generation (Gen Z) who are new to the workforce may have little experience in the organisation’s specific technologies, such as CRMs (customer relationship management platforms), employee portals, and information systems. Despite the younger generation having more personal experience with digital technology on a daily basis, they may need training to ensure they are keeping their (and the company’s) professional data protected, and to ensure they follow specific work processes. 

On the other hand, the older generation (Baby Boomers and Gen X) may have trouble embracing new, evolving technologies. Training in-person may be a more effective approach, so that HR personnel can offer real-time insights and demonstrations, connecting on a higher level with the employee. This can be accompanied by step-by-step, specific instructions on each tech tool and system, explaining how each tool will be applied to their daily work processes, and why this technology is beneficial. 

How HR can help personalise tech tools for a diverse workforce

HR departments can use tech tools for a more customised and personalised work experience for their workforce. This is a major component of talent management, offering options for tech personalisation in order to enhance individual skills and abilities. These might include customising the push notifications and alerts from their systems, different dashboard layouts, reorganising menus and files, and setting their own accessibility features. 

HR can act as guides throughout this process, providing valuable information on the organisation’s tech tools and systems to help their employees gain a strong comprehension of the technology they use everyday. With both personalised training and tech set-up, HR teams can ensure that the capabilities of their workforce are optimised.

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