HR Tech Update: The importance of using technology for better candidate relationship management

allison-moore-2Customers aren’t the only audience your company has to impress. In today’s competitive, internationalised business landscape, it’s more crucial than ever to develop strong relationships with talent pools and individual candidates. Retaining and attracting top talent is made much easier when an organisation can establish a reputation for having a proactive approach in managing and communicating with candidates. Candidate relationship management (CRM) refers to this concept – cultivating great interactions with potential candidates, sometimes even before new job openings arise. CRM, in this instance, can play a crucial role in enhancing recruitment, hiring, and even onboarding initiatives. When an organisation doesn’t take CRM seriously, it can leave a bad impression on the candidate, who may share their experience with other potential employees.

Technology can be pivotal in enabling organisations’ CRM strategies, providing HR with the ability to streamline hiring processes, personalise interactions, and manage candidate actions without any delay, confusion, or miscommunications. It can also aid HR staff in training to improve recruitment abilities, and leading them through the entire hiring journey by integrating digital tools with their tasks. Hyreo is one example of a technology providing a centralised platform for candidate engagement and management, providing ‘customer-like’ experiences for candidates.

A platform such as Hyreo can aid in candidate support, providing applicants with the answers to frequently asked questions and conversing through chatbots. Candidates will be able to find answers to their questions, schedule a meeting with HR, or pass on a message. This helps the two parties to stay connected, even if the candidate and HR team are in different locations or time zones. This system also allows HR to more effectively view candidate profiles more, track communication history, and even analyse their candidates’ data.

Applications can become messy when candidates are reaching out with inquiries, hiring processes are put on hold, or multiple interviews are needed. With technological tools such as Applicant Tracking Systems, the application process is made simpler. HR can easily follow along as candidates submit resumes, providing applicants with a seamless flow of information. This can also be done through automated email campaigns, which can improve an organisation’s presence and recognition within their target talent pool. Sending personalised emails that share industry news, company culture, and job-related information tailored to a candidate’s personal interests can boost employer branding among talent.

By leveraging these technology solutions, companies can effectively maximise their candidate management efforts, cultivating strong relationships with candidates and solidifying interest among skilled individuals in working for them. CRM works as the first step in building a talent pipeline and gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

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