Indonesian HR leaders prioritising talent and wellbeing: Mercer research

mercer-report-coverHR leaders in Indonesia are focusing on creating human-centric work experiences as their key priorities for the year ahead. This is according to the Mercer Global Talent Trends study, which was released recently.

It found that Indonesian HR leaders were looking at redesigning talent processes around skills (62% of those surveyed indicated this was a priority), enhancing employee experiences for key talent (59%), improving workforce planning (57%), and increasing agility in work (57%).

The study’s Indonesian section also urged companies to prioritise employees’ physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing, in order to attract and retain talent in a competitive labour market.

The study found that Indonesian employers outperformed Asia when it came to designing work with wellbeing in mind (45% of respondents indicated they were doing this). However, they lagged behind on de-stigmatising mental health issues and promoting self-care (36% vs 40% global average), and providing on-demand virtual mental healthcare access (14% vs.26%).

In terms of flexible work, only 31% of Indonesian organisations offer such options for employees across the board, lower than the global average of 56%. Further, 43% of Indonesian employers do not plan to provide work flexibility in the future, even though 70% of Asian employees consider remote or hybrid work essential when deciding to join or stay with a company.

Isdar Marwan, Director of Career Services at Mercer Indonesia, encouraged Indonesian organisations to continue optimisng their work environments and invest in holistic wellbeing initiatives..

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