Lim-Loges & Masters: Three tips to create a workplace revival

HR consulting specialist firm Lim-Loges & Masters, in its latest whitepaper, has noted the importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the ongoing workplace revolution.

“Asia is at the forefront of a workplace revolution, with technological advancement, an evolving workforce, and changing social norms transforming the business model and how we work. Companies must stay ahead of the curve by understanding these trends and their potential impact,” Lim-Loges & Masters said in its paper.

Citing data from Statista, it noted that 66% of workers in Asia had expressed a preference to shift toward a hybrid work model in 2022.

Separate data from IDC found that 56% of employees in Asia- Pacific wanted flexible work options beyond the pandemic, while 70% said their productivity was the same or higher in a hybrid work model, compared to traditional in-office working.

Here are three tips from Lim-Loges & Masters for HR leaders looking to navigate these changes:

1. Engage and upskill your people

Giving time for education and training ensures employee engagement, the whitepaper advises. It adds that mental and physical health activities lower stress levels.

2. Sustainability with environmental, social, and government goals (ESG), is a necessary strategy

ESG ensures the long-term effects of business practices are consideredleading to policies that prevent burnout and promote healthy work-life balance,” the study says.

3. Promote technology and the Internet of Things

Remote access to jobs, task automation, and performance metrics  allow employees to become more productive. This will also provide employers with up-to-date data on employee performance.

“To remain competitive, HR leaders must be at the forefront of change, actively working to shape their organizations’ future, including being part of boardroom conversations and strategic decision-making. Understanding the business challenges can help the company remain competitive and successful, avoiding becoming an ‘antique organisation’, the study advised.

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