Malaysian employers focus on skills and financial well-being over regional peers

Malaysian employers are prioritising skills and financial well-being more than their regional and global counterparts, according to a Mercer study.

In Malaysia, 63% of surveyed companies provide flexible working options for all employees, significantly higher than the 50% in Asia and 56% globally.

Furthermore, 35% of Malaysian employers adjust pay or offer cost-of-living adjustments to those earning below market median, compared to the 20% Asia average.

Malaysia outperforms Asia in investing in financial wellness programmes that boost long-term financial security for their employees, with 18% versus 14% respectively.

However, Malaysian companies lag in providing total well-being initiatives for all employees and job security for gig/freelance workers.

In talent development, 61% of Malaysian companies understand the organisation’s needs better than the general 56% in Asia.

Mercer found 47% of Malaysian employers’ upskilling and reskilling programmes effectively prepare talent for new areas, compared to Asia’s 33% average.

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