Mental health NGO to transform S’pore workplace culture

Non-profit organisation, MindForward Alliance, recently established its Singapore chapter with nine founding members including Allen & Overy, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore and Fraser Neave.

Dedicated to transforming workplace culture into one that supports employees’ mental health, the firm organises networking events for professionals to share ideas on how they’ve successfully leveraged creativity when dealing with difficult situations at home, or in the workplace.

In Singapore, MindForward Alliance has partnered with Asia Pacific Breweries to create a mental well-being guide for parents that will help them understand the difficulties their children face and how employers can be proactive in adopting wellness solutions. This way they can support people’s needs while also attracting top talents.

“MindForward Alliance Singapore is an exchange of reliable mental health practices, bringing the best from global companies and promoting the best of Singapore companies’ practices to the rest of the world,” said Kenneth Choo, Co-Chair of MindForward Alliance Singapore and Managing Director of HEINEKEN Asia Pacific.

The guide is designed to empower working parents with the knowledge and resources they need to take care of themselves, while simultaneously taking responsibility for their children’s mental health.

The book also features stories from leading organisations that show how business leaders, human resource practitioners, and employees can balance career goals alongside managing responsibilities at home.

“Through the partnership with MindForward Alliance Singapore, we strive to raise awareness of the mental health challenges that working parents are experiencing and reduce the stigma of the topic at workplaces,” said Andy Hewson, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

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