Boost to Indonesian digital literacy under deal extension

The Higher Education, Research, and Technology Directorate General at the Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry has extended a memorandum of understanding with a private company to promote digitally-literate human resources in Indonesia.

Acting Director General Nizam says digital literacy is vital for the current generations now in the workforce.

The partnership involves the unnamed private company’s Ramadhan corporate social responsibility programme, which donates telecommunication-supporting hardware to Islamic boarding schools and orphanages.

Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, Islamic Education Director General, noted skilled talent in Islamic boarding schools could play a role in boosting Indonesia’s economy.

Presidential Staff Office Human Development Deputy Abetnego Tarigan welcomed the company’s commitment to working with ministries, aiming to prepare 100 digital talents for future competition.

Yenty Joman, Director of Government Affairs at Huawei Indonesia, emphasized the importance of information communications technology use in educational institutions, including Islamic higher education, vocational schools, and Islamic boarding schools, through various upskilling training, certifications, and ICT competitions.

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