Professionals in SEA need to focus on wellbeing, mobility, and upskilling

HR Talent Trends – What’s next for our senior leaders?” report, surveyed 100 people professionals in the Southeast Asian region. Results showed that the top three considerations for professionals in choosing a job in the next three years are financial remuneration (56%), career progression (51%) and flexible working (39%).

The report also found that upskilling, attaining certification and networking are considered key to advancing careers. 86% of respondents felt that upskilling was important, while all respondents working in senior management roles recognised its importance.

The top three skills perceived to support career progression in the people profession are business partnering (51%), learning and development (38%), and organisation design and development (34%).

May Leng Kwok, Regional Head APAC, CIPD, said: “The pandemic proved the strategic importance of our function, and our role remains clear now as organisations continue to move through periods of significant challenges and change. In addition to supporting the workforce in these demanding times, it’s also crucial that people professionals take time to support their own needs and build resilience within their own teams to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.”

The report recommends that organisations focus on wellbeing, job mobility, building professional networks, and ongoing professional development and long-term skills to boost job satisfaction and build resilience amongst people professionals.

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