Salary recovery in Malaysia post-pandemic varies across sectors

Salaries in Malaysia are bouncing back post-pandemic, but at different rates across sectors.

In 2022, 93% of employers granted pay raises, a significant increase from 65% in 2021, according to the Malaysian Employers Federation.

However, recovery has not been uniform, with some industries like IT, education, telecommunications, and transportation seeing more than a 40% increase, while others, such as real estate and construction, lag behind.

The median salary in construction fell by 14.4% in 2020 and further declined by 4% in 2021.

The inflation and high cost of living present additional challenges.

While salaries are recovering, the cost of living continues to rise, particularly in the Klang Valley, where workers have the highest estimated monthly expenses.

Policymakers and employers are urged to ensure wages keep up with inflation and cover workers’ basic needs.

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