Singapore Airlines scraps policy that sacks pregnant cabin crew

Singapore Airlines has scrapped its controversial policy which forced female flight attendants to quit when they became pregnant.
The airline announced that its female flight attendants can now apply for temporary ground positions when they get pregnant, and return to flying after giving birth.
This change stops the longstanding practice of ending cabin crew contracts when they’re pregnant.
Under the old policy, expecting flight attendants used to be placed on a no-pay leave upon announcing their pregnancy and then forced to leave the company after submitting the child’s birth certificate.
Pregnant crew members were not given any offer for temporary ground placements. To fly again, they needed to reapply with the airline under a returning crew scheme, which doesn’t guarantee re-employment.
Now, crews will still be placed on no-pay leave. However, they can apply for ground positions in areas such as administrative work, handling passenger feedback and requests, content creation, and event management.

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