Singapore doubles down on training semiconductor talents

Singapore will launch a new six-month training programme for integrated circuit design in August 2024, with the aim of training up to 150 people over the next five years. The programme has been developed by the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA), Nanyang Technological University and the Economic Development Board (EDB) as part of an effort to provide more work-study training, immersion and internship opportunities.

The Singapore government is also doubling down on training research and development (R&D) talent to meet the target of producing 1,000 PhDs over the next 10 years. The government will also continue to collaborate with companies to provide scholarships and develop the postgraduate talent pool with critical R&D skills needed for the semiconductor industry.

In addition, they will continue to reskill its mid-career workers for new and enhanced roles in the semiconductor industry or redeployment into other good jobs within the sector. The EDB will work with Workforce Singapore and the industry to achieve at least 1,300 placements for the electronics career conversion programme over the next four years.

The government is committed to supporting the semiconductor industry, which accounts for more than one-third of the country’s overall manufacturing value-add.

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