Slack launches canvas for streamlined knowledge sharing

Slack is rolling out a new feature, Slack canvas, enabling teams to create, organise, and share crucial information within the platform.

Screenshot of Canvas in DM - Slack launches canvas for streamlined knowledge sharing

Canvas enhances real-time collaboration in channels by providing a centralised space for organising and sharing various types of information, from text and files to apps and rich media.

Canvases are searchable and support knowledge management across organisations.

Paired with the new Slack platform, users can embed no-code workflows into a canvas, boosting discoverability and context.

Canvas offers native collaborative features to help teams keep their knowledge base up-to-date and reflective of collective insights.

Users can control view and edit access, and decide which channels and people the canvas can be sent to.

Slack canvas will be available to all users in the coming months, with paid plan customers having access to standalone canvases and those in channels and direct messages.

Free teams can access canvases in channels and direct messages as well.

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