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Improve your chances of getting noticed by AI on job sites with these tips | The Washington Post
Job seekers are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out among a growing number of applications for roles on sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Meanwhile, the sites’ artificial intelligence used to match candidates with jobs isn’t always solely judging a person’s skills, but also the historical behavior of employers on the sites. While the process may feel overwhelming, job seekers have the power to understand what’s happening and position themselves to land their next gigs.

Can AI summaries save you from endless virtual meetings? | The Washington Post
Video conferencing service Zoom and transcription software provider recently rolled out generative AI meeting features that provide automated summaries and key points, action items to follow and the ability to share notes with the participants. Google is also working on releasing features and Microsoft is testing some with select customers. The hope is that AI will help workers keep better track of what happens in meetings, whether they attend or not. AI could also help automatically schedule follow-up meetings or draft emails based on items from the meeting.

ChatGPT leans liberal, research shows
The study, from researchers at the University of East Anglia, asked ChatGPT to answer a survey on political beliefs as it believed supporters of liberal parties in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil might answer them. They then asked ChatGPT to answer the same questions without any prompting, and compared the two sets of responses.

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