The Reading List: HR-focused deep reads for the weekend

THOUGHT LEADERS: It’s almost the weekend! Here are some key investigations, research and news analysis from around the world, curated by Chief of Staff Asia to help with your HR fix during your time off.


The pitfalls of loving your job a little too much | The Economist
Can you love your job too much? What are the consequences to being too passionate about your occupation? It’s a good way to get ahead, according to a paper from Jon Jachimowicz, Ke Wang and Erica Bailey, but passion could also cloud one’s judgment. Read more on The Economist’s weekly light-hearted management article.

Gen Z is right not to trust the system as it stands | The Conversation

This article by York University assistant professor for administrative studies David Weitzner looks into the contradictory nature of the youngest generation in the workforce. While members of generation Z have some strong ethical commitments, they’re also the least likely to report a corporate misconduct. This is because the generation has the lowest level of trust in institutions. How do we win back their trust and how long will it take?

What Workplaces Gain When Younger Workers Take Sabbaticals | TIME
Along with the rising awareness of employee burnout came the growing popularization of granting sabbaticals. Charter, in partnership with TIME, interviews DJ DiDonna, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and founder of The Sabbatical Project, on how letting employees rest can also benefit the employer.

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