Where do Singaporeans talk about work discrimination?

Forums and Facebook, that’s where Singaporeans discuss workplace discrimination online.

Truescope, a firm that looks into in social media analytics, recently published its findings on when, where and how Singaporeans discuss workplace discrimination.

“Conversations about workplace discrimination emerged only when there was related news reported on mainstream media. The bulk of conversations often took place on mainstream media’s Facebook pages and on the Forum where users extract pertinent portions of media texts to trigger discussions,” the study read, citing Reddit as among the popular forums used by Singaporeans.

The company studied 175 threads, and 2,175 comments on workplace discrimination across several online platforms. Of these, 85 threads and 935 comments were posted on Facebook, while 62 threads and 991 comments were posted on forums.

More than half, or 13,986, of the 25,156 social media engagements studied by Truescope also happened on Facebook.

Approximately 68 threads were made on gender discrimination in general. However, it was the topic of pregnancy discrimination garnered most of the comments, reactions, shares and engagements.

“The volume of engagement for each type of workplace discrimination is not representative of how common that type of workplace discrimination is in Singapore. Rather, the volume of engagement often relates to the amount of attention (and articles published) by mainstream media,” the study added.

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