WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week by HR influencers and leaders

THOUGHT LEADERS: Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia and global HR communities have to say on today’s pressing issues:

“One must be quick to recognise a good opportunity and take a chance.”

— Renen De Guia, CEO, Ovation Productions

In a recent interview with Chief of Staff Asia, entertainment company Ovation Productions’ CEO Renen De Guia shared his thoughts on his leadership style and why people need to recognise a good opportunity.

De Guia explained that some people take too long to pray about it and by the time they decide, the opportunity is gone.

“We should be more inclusive and open to guide the next generation to be more receptive to difference.”

— Nicholas Ho, Corporate Recruiter, Global Talent Acquisition, Marken

Nicholas Ho, Corporate Recruiter for Global Talent Acquisition at clinical logistic firm Marken said receptiveness, openness, and respect for individual differences are important.

He urged leaders to be more inclusive and open in guiding the next generation to be more inclusive and receptive to individual differences.

“Always never the title, but the relationship and inspiration you give your team.”

— Melanie Lara, Senior Director for Human Resources, Afni Philippines

Sharing her insights on leadership, Melani Lara, Senior Director for Human Resources at global contact centre firm Afni Philippines said leadership isn’t about fancy titles, but about fostering relationships and inspirations HR leaders give their team.

“You can instantly add more value to the organisation by realising your role as a builder.”

— Karlo Jay Plata, Country Manager, People & Culture, Airtasker

In a LinkedIn post, Karlo Jay Plata, Country Manager for People & Culture for outsourcing firm Airtasker said HR practitioners can add more value to their organisations by realising their roles as a builder.

Plata added that HR professionals can elevate their role by starting to think that their work is more than administering pay and benefits and thinking about what truly matters for their organisations and employees


“Work cannot exist without leaders and managers.”

— Jacklyn Lee, Chief Human Officer, Singapore University of Technology and Design

In a recent LinkedIn post, Jacklyn Lee, Chief Human Officer at the Singapore University of Technology and Design shared her insights about the importance of leaders and managers in organisational success.

Lee also explained that there are several challenges that leaders need to face, including industry disruption and evolving technology, making their roles complex.



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