WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week from HR influencers and leaders

Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by respected HR and business luminaries from across Southeast Asia as they offer their insightful views on the most urgent matters of the day.


“The lives of HR professionals are changing as well, with AI helping improve efficiency in operations and processes.” – Jayant Paleti, Co-Founder, Darwinbox

In his op-ed commentary, Paleti discussed how important for organisations especially people from HR to leverage AI in their operations. As companies are navigating this phase of adopting AI, it is important to pause and ensure that we mindfully weave AI into what we do, balancing the adoption of AI with retaining the role of humans.



Having the right leaders in place helps us grow great leaders, foster a culture of empowerment, invest in our employees’ wellbeing, and provide great opportunities for personal growth and professional development. – Andrew Newmark, Chief Human Resource Officer, Marriott International

In an interview, Newmark discussed the importance of building a thriving work culture in Marriott, celebrating workplace diversity and culture. It is an effective way to grow leaders within the organisation and encourage employees’ engagement.



“There are three key areas where HR can value add: employees, organisation and the HR community.” – Low Peck Kem, President, APFHRM

Peck Kem, recently appointed as President, believes that these parameters can help HR identify if they’re effective in their roles. She also highlighted why HR should also serve as the engineer of people’s careers by creating a sustainable career path for employees.




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