WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week from HR influencers and leaders

Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia are saying on today’s pressing issues:

jacqueline-yew“Diversity comes in as a strategy. It is a strategy because it’s just common sense that you should not ignore the recruitment of 50% of the population,” — Jacqueline Yew, HR director, operations & technology, Goodyear Asia Pacific Region

Yew gave her thoughts on gender equality and diversity in a whitepaper by Lim-Loges & Masters. According to the study, female jobseekers in Asia tend to look specifically at the diversity of a company before choosing to apply or accept a job offer. Around 76% of these jobseekers look at the diversity of the leadership team when assessing whether or not a company will provide opportunities for growth.

christophe-lange“As an HR leader, my job is at the unique intersection between engineer, doctor, lawyer, counselor and sometimes even policeman,” — Christophe Lange, Vice President of HR in Asia-Pacific, Ingredion

In a LinkedIn post, Lange shared three lessons that he learned as an HR professional. First, to bring people along on the journey. Second, never stop evolving. And third, it’s important to fight against the “flavor of the month” ideas.


suryo-sasono“Growing the company does not necessarily mean growing the headcount,” — Suryo Sasono, Senior Vice President of Talent, Bukalapak

In an exclusive interview with Chief of Staff Asia, Sasono shared his mission for the company, whcih includes creating an organisation with a high amount of talent. This has meant not just growing the company in terms of employee numbers, but, more importantly, nurturing the industry-leading, high-quality talents that the company already has.


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