HR Tech Update: Employer branding tools especially for the finance sector

The banking and finance industry is so pivotal to the economies of Southeast Asia, it often has its own technology solutions built for its specific challenges.


For example, with the incredibly competitive landscape for banking skills at the moment, employer branding has become an essential tool. This is not just about the reputation an organisation has among its employees and customers, but also how it markets itself to job seekers and potential recruits. 

The better the employer branding, the more likely a company is to attract and retain top talent. Effective employer branding can also reduce turnover rates and cut the costs per actual hire by as much as half.

India-based CoBuzz is one employer branding software provider that is helping banks in particular lift their game, using creative storyboarding and communication tools. Its expertise lies in developing a strong employee value proposition across hiring, campus hiring, learning and development, leadership, vision, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

CoBuzz uses a combination of videos, blog posts, photos, and slideshows to tell a company’s unique recruitment story.

Implementing a strategy to improve the market’s perception of an employer brand works best when using multiple channels. This means sharing videos, photos, slideshows, blogs, and other forms of messaging to ensure each bank or financial institution reaches a large group of audiences, on the platforms they feel most at home.

CoBuzz points out that this is only half of the strategy. It also stresses the need to use high-quality videos, photos, and text to tell your company story. The content used, and its quality act as a shop window to all.


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