Employment Hero launches “super-app” for SME recruitment

Software developer Employment Hero has launched what it believes is a world-first “super-app” focused on employment, HR, and staff management. The app, “Swag”, is available now for use in Malaysia and Singapore, having already seen success in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Targeting SMEs specifically, the app equips them with artificial intelligence-based hiring tools, and a comprehensive suite of features. It aims to transform both sides of the hiring process, improving candidate experiences and also recruitment outcomes.

The technology can generate first-draft job descriptions, predict hiring needs, match candidates with suitable roles, and also post jobs on popular third party job boards. It offers free access to a pool of qualified applicants, reducing and sometimes completely eliminating advertising costs.

Once a new staff member is on board, Swag becomes the central platform for work-related tasks, simplifying time and attendance management, leave tracking, and rostering. It also promotes reward and recognition initiatives across the organisation.

Ben Thompson, Co-founder and CEO of Employment Hero, says the company is continuing to add further features to enhance candidate experiences. “In the next 12 months, we plan to replace even more manual tasks with artificial intelligence, further streamlining the process and freeing up people’s time to focus on what they do best,” he said.

“While artificial intelligence serves as an assistant in the hiring process for both employers and employees, it by no means replaces the human elements of recruiting. Rather than automating every interaction, Swag streamlines the manual, tedious aspects of the hiring process, such as writing job descriptions, finding promising candidates, and sorting through swathes of unsuitable applicants, while (also) enhancing the personal parts, from discovering your next great hire and speaking one-on-one with interested applicants, to forming meaningful relationships with talent for future recruitment.”

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