Bossjob’s chat-based recruitment platform launches in Singapore

“We are delighted to bring the transformative power of Bossjob to Singapore, a market known for its vibrant and dynamic workforce,” said Kiat How Quak, Bossjob’s co-founder and COO. “Our innovative chat-driven platform, coupled with our commitment to simplifying the job search process, will undoubtedly reshape the recruitment landscape in Singapore.”

Bossjob’s expansion into Singapore is in line with the company’s global strategy, which gained further momentum with the completion of a successful $5 million funding round. The company’s resounding success in The Philippines and China, where it has become the go-to career platform for millions of job seekers and employers, demonstrates its readiness to enter new markets.

Candidate-Centric Approach by Leveraging AI

Recruitment teams should leverage AI to create more pesonalised and engaging experience for job seekers. The candidate-cetric approach is the future of recruitment. Bossjob, can help with candidate experience. It’s user-friendly and promotes effortless communication between candidates and employers with its real-time communication feature. The platform combines an intuitive design with a chat-driven interface and transforming the job search process.

To mark its entrance into Singapore, Bossjob will be exhibiting at “The Singapore Business Show 2023,” its first public showcase in the market.

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