Breaking barriers: GrowthOps Asia’s path to inclusivity and empowerment

GrowthOps Asia, the recipient of the Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies in HR Stars Awards, is leading the way in redefining success in the tech industry. By celebrating cultural events, promoting gender equality, embracing generational talent, and implementing flexible work policies, the company has created an inclusive and thriving workforce.

At GrowthOps, cultural diversity is cherished and celebrated. Through various cultural events and festivities, team members share their traditions and heritage, fostering mutual respect and a sense of belonging.

Gender equality is at the forefront of their strategy. Events like “Courageous Self-Leaders Can Break The Bias” empower women leaders to share their experiences, driving positive change and exceeding industry averages for gender representation.

GrowthOps actively supports the LGBTQIA+ community through initiatives like “Wear It Purple Day”, promoting a safe and supportive environment for all employees.

The radical GOFlex initiative, with its flexible work policies, ensures job accessibility for individuals with diverse backgrounds and circumstances. This empowerment has led to increased knowledge sharing and employee satisfaction.

The company’s Employee Value Proposition, anchored in the values of curiosity, connectedness, and commitment (3Cs), prioritises diversity and inclusion to attract, retain, and nurture talent effectively.

GrowthOps Asia is proud of its diverse workforce, with women comprising over 50% of employees and over 55% of the leadership team. The company embraces individuals from ten different countries and actively supports underrepresented groups and employees with disabilities.

To gauge employee sentiments, GrowthOps conducts biannual pulse surveys, showing higher recommendation rates and improved respect, with reduced tolerance for discrimination and bullying.

As GrowthOps continues its commitment to diversity and inclusion, it sets a powerful example for other organisations. By fostering an inclusive workplace where every individual is valued and empowered to thrive, the company drives innovation and success.


“This achievement belongs to each and every team member at GrowthOps Asia who contribute their unique voices and talents, and who believe in a workspace where everyone, regardless of their background, has a seat at the table, feels heard, and is empowered.” – Nizam Salim, Regional Manager, Office Operations

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