Case in Point: How Bank of America is getting staff active and healthy

When Bank of America wanted to inspire its global workforce to improve and stay aware of both their physical and mental wellbeing, it knew that the commonly used megaphone approach would likely fall on deaf ears. This might typically involve staff being just bombarded with health messages across a variety of internal channels.

Instead, the Global HR Benefits team planned a month-long campaign, filled with unique activities and enough variety to inspire even the most pessimistic of staff in every office around the world.

The Global Get Active! Challenge, which ran between August 14 and September 10 in 2023, aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage physical activity, foster community, and provide resources and support to help employees achieve wellness goals they had set for themselves. By encouraging employees to choose their own activities and goals, the challenge promoted a holistic approach to wellness.

Employees could choose activities that they enjoyed and fitted into their individual schedules. This helped to create a more sustainable and enjoyable experience across the entire workforce.

The challenge also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among employees. Participants could track their progress and connect with other employees through a dedicated mobile phone app. This helped to create a supportive community where employees could further motivate and encourage each other.

Madhumita Banerjee, Head of Compensation and Benefits in Asia-Pacific, said approximately 56,000 teammates globally took nearly 12.2 billion steps during this year’s challenge. “That was enough to travel around the globe more than 230 times.”

Sharyn Porter, HR Executive for Southeast Asia and Head of Employee Relations said: “Employees across Southeast Asia appreciated the flexibility of the programme, the variety of resources and support offered, and the sense of community connect that the challenge fostered.”


Project title: Get Active! Challenge 2023

Timeline: August 14 to September 10, 2023

HR target areas:

      • Employee health
      • Staff engagement




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