Deel unveils “Bring the world to work” ad campaign

Deel, an all-in-one HR platform, has launched the “Bring the world to work” ad campaign across out-of-home (OOH) advertising, social media, and paid video ads.

Deel unveils "Bring the world to work" ad campaign

The campaign aims to raise awareness amongst businesses and HR decision-makers that Deel is a comprehensive global HR solution.

OOH ads will run in 14 major cities, including Singapore, New York City, and Paris, until June.

The Singapore ads are featured at Raffles Place MRT station.

Social media platforms will host static posts mirroring the OOH ads, along with a video featuring Deel’s team members from over 100 countries saying “yes” in their native languages.

Jola Aerts, Creative Director at Deel, stated that the campaign is about empowering HR departments to say “yes” to multinational work arrangements’ challenges and opportunities.

With Deel, companies can move forward, unlock business growth, and expand globally, handling payroll, immigration, and compliance all in one place.

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