East Asian talents pick Singapore as most liveable location

Singapore kept its place as the most liveable location for East Asian expatriate workers in 2022, marking the 17th consecutive year it has led the survey.


The early lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in the Lion City, compared to other Asian locations boosted its attractiveness further last year, according to mobility consultancy firm ECA International in its latest Location Ratings survey.

“The gap in livability between Singapore and locations such as Hong Kong and Shanghai – both of which maintained or even enhanced Covid-19 related restrictions in 2022 – widened during the year, making it an even more compelling destination versus other locations in the region competing for international talent,” said Lee Quane, regional director for Asia at ECA International.

Other locations in Southeast Asian also improved their scores in 2022. Yangon, Myanmar was the only exception, as it fell in the rankings due to security concerns in the country.

There was also a huge gap recorded between Singapore and the second highest ranking Southeast Asian location: Bangkok, Thailand came in at 115.

“The impact of these improvements [in Covid-19 restrictions] remains largely limited as the gap between Singapore and Bangkok – the second-highest location ranked in the Southeast Asia region but ranked 115th globally – indicates a wide disparity within the region that must be narrowed before other locations in Southeast Asia can offer similar living standards to the Lion City,” Quane said.

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