Event organisers need to prioritise in-person connection for scattered workforces

Remote and hybrid work arrangements reshaped how employees interact. The reduced face-to-face connections reinforce the need to balance relationship-building and work collaboration when team members finally come together for in-person gatherings, such as during the end of the year.

This was one of several insights found in the latest Chief of Staff Asia research paper. Expanding Domains in Modern MICE and Staff Events, available now, is available for subscriber download here.

Year-end, in-person gatherings offer a unique opportunity to strengthen employee relationships and renew company culture, but event organisers need to be intentional about providing adequate time for building rapport.

IBTM World suggests setting aside as much as an entire day for delegates to simply connect, before they proceed with collaborative or team-building activities. In this way, organisations can ensure that in-person events achieve their dual purpose: enhancing connections and advancing organisational goals.

Creative solutions may be considered, such as hosting ‘coffee breaks’ during events or allowing ample time for attendees to mingle before diving into business matters. For hybrid events, organisers can harness entertainment such as live music or esports to further bridge the physical and virtual divide and foster interaction between and among remote and in-person participants.

Ultimately, HR needs to prioritise human connection, especially when in-person gatherings are rare, in order to continuously drive up employee engagement and a sense of belonging within their organisation.

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