Feedback, content confetti among strategies for creating memorable events

International event organiser Live Union mentions several characteristics of a successful event, including that of being memorable. To maximise the impact on delegates, HR can use open communication, ‘content confetti’, and leadership development strategies.

This was one of several insights found in the latest Chief of Staff Asia research paper. Expanding Domains in Modern MICE and Staff Events, available now, is available for subscriber download here.

George Pudadera, former President of the PhilYoung MICE Association, says that after an event, organisers should collect feedback from participants to understand what worked well and what areas need improvement.

By being open to feedback, HR can establish a culture of trust and communication within the workforce. Feedback gathered during or after an event can then inform future event designs and HR strategies.

Content confetti involves the repurposing of event content for longevity, such as through post-event recaps, short clips of significant statements from speakers, related blog posts, and even email reminders set for dissemination throughout the year to provide brief but clear reminders of what was learned during the event.

Lastly, event participants can be tasked to communicate what they have learned to new or less experienced employees later in the year. This helps to engage high-potential workers and provide an avenue to explore their leadership potential as well as helping them gain a greater sense of ownership within the organisation.

By targeting a sustained impact, HR can maximise end-of-year events in a way that enriches organisational culture, contributes to raising new leaders, and strengthens employee engagement.

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