Filippo Arnaboldi: Marketing himself to the top

Filippo Arnaboldi, global CEO of the fine linen bedding brand Frette, landed his high-end career with simple beginnings in product marketing. The Italian native started in residential and commercial properties as a real estate broker in Milan. He also did account management roles at J. Walter Thomspon in Milan, then Einson Freeman in New Jersey, where he developed and managed marketing and advertising campaigns for mass-market labels.

Before becoming the CEO at Frette, Arnaboldi served as marketing director and Vice President of Retail for Frette North America. He specialised in establishing brand awareness within the region, overseeing the launch of the brand’s e-commerce arms, and investing in its retail footprint expansion.

Having this colourful marketing journey and a well-balanced life, Arnaboldi disclosed to Chief of Staff Asia what he likes to see in job candidates, the employees’ learning path, and his ideals as the top leader of his company.

COS Asia: What do you look for in a prospective Frette employee? 

Arnaboldi: We seek true experts in their respective fields, whether those are product development, marketing, planning, or hospitality. Robust experience with demonstrated growth, with a genuine appreciation for the heritage, craftsmanship, and quality synonymous with Frette, makes for a strong candidate. 

Furthermore, having the agility and the ability to think of the future are two qualities for success with the brand.

COS Asia: What kind of training do your staff undergo? 

Arnaboldi: All new staff members embark on a journey through Frette’s rich heritage, learning about the company’s roots and core values. It’s essential to know where we came from as we always want to maintain a thread of continuity between past, present, and future while still speaking to today’s audience and engaging in the modern era. 

The next step is to become close to the product. Holding something so precious in one’s hands gives an item new meaning. There’s an immediate appreciation one can’t help but feel, and in turn, that appreciation comes through no matter the person’s function when speaking about the brand.

COS Asia: What are your ideals as a leader in your company? 

Arnaboldi: I strive to encourage new ideas, make myself available and approachable to staff, and together, explore new approaches and concepts to continue pushing the boundaries for Frette, yet staying true to our brand ethos and heritage. I appreciate a big idea, even a risk, and work with my team to determine how it may be implemented.


This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia’s exclusive interview with Filippo Arnaboldi, Global CEO of Frette. For further coverage please see the below link:

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