GlobalFoundries to create 1,000 jobs in Singapore with new expansion

GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor manufacturing company, announced plans to create 1,000 jobs at its new expansion fabrication plant in Singapore. The plant, which broke ground in 2021, will be operational this year, and will produce chips for a variety of applications, including 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

The expansion is part of GlobalFoundries’ strategy to increase its manufacturing capacity and meet the growing demand for semiconductors. The company is also investing in research and development to develop new chip technologies.

The new jobs will be in a variety of areas, including engineering, operations, and support. GlobalFoundries is a major employer in Singapore, and the expansion is expected to boost the country’s economy.

“We are excited to expand our operations in Singapore,” said Tom Caulfield, CEO of GlobalFoundries. “This investment will help us meet the growing demand for semiconductors and create high-quality jobs in Singapore.”

GlobalFoundries is working with the Singapore government to secure the necessary permits and approvals for the project. The company is also in talks with potential customers for the chips that will be produced at the plant.

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