H&M Indonesia and YOOBIC partners to improve employee productivity

H&M Indonesia and YOOBIC, a leading employee experience platform designed for frontline teams in the retail sector, have partnered to improve employee experience and operational efficiency. The partnership has yielded remarkable results, including improved employee engagement, streamlined communication channels, increased productivity, enhanced operational efficiency, ensured compliance with regulations, and promoted sustainability initiatives.

The platform has also helped to reduce paper usage by 30%.

Karina Soegarda, Communications Manager at H&M Indonesia, expressed her satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “We’ve been able to harness frontline digitisation and real-time analytics to solve a number of stubborn operational challenges, including difficulties around communication, productivity, compliance, and training.” She also highlighted the substantial reduction in paper usage, with a notable 30 per cent decrease, aligning with H&M Indonesia’s broader commitment to sustainability.

Paul Mabire, Head of Sales, APAC, at YOOBIC, shared insights into the collaboration’s achievements, stating, “Through real-time data sharing and digital task management, H&M Indonesia boosted productivity, launched 25 campaigns in six months, and elevated decision making with analytics, all while making a significant reduction to paper usage.” Mabire further emphasised the mutual dedication to operational excellence and employee engagement shared by both organisations, expressing enthusiasm for their ongoing collaboration and innovation efforts.

This partnership is a great example of how technology can be used to improve the workplace and create a more sustainable future. It is also a testament to the power of collaboration between businesses and organisations.

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