Treat staff as customers: SEEK Asia boss

Companies are now reshaping their recruitment processes to prioritise employees and potential employees in the same way they do as customers, according to SEEK Asia’s head of HR.

Paul Thomas, Chief People and Culture Officer, emphasises the critical role of the recruitment process in retaining the best talent. “Retaining the best talent starts during the recruitment process,” he says. This underscores the significance of treating candidates as valued customers right from the beginning, setting the stage for long-term employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Employers are now seizing every opportunity within the hiring process to leave a positive impression and demonstrate their commitment to employees. By incorporating customer-centric principles, such as personalisation, prompt communication, and individualised attention, organisations are significantly enhancing candidate experiences.

Central to this approach is actively seeking candidate feedback and maintaining transparent communication. Employers value applicants’ perspectives and concerns, utilising their input to continuously improve recruitment practices. This fosters trust and strengthens the employer-employee relationship from the outset.

The benefits of this paradigm shift are already apparent. Studies have shown that prioritising candidates as customers leads to a notable 56% increase in job offer acceptance rates. Organisations also report higher levels of candidate satisfaction, improved employer branding, and ultimately, a more engaged workforce.

In an era where employee expectations are evolving, this transformative approach to recruitment demonstrates an understanding of the importance of building strong employer-employee relationships. By treating employees as customers, companies are investing in their most valuable asset and paving the way for a prosperous future.

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