HR Champions: Ng Wee Wei on the power of adequate rest


  • Title: Senior Managing Director/Market Unit Lead
  • Organisation: Accenture Southeast Asia
  • Office headquarters: Singapore
  • Company operations: Global
  • Industry: Business consulting and services
  • Employees: 738,000

In a blog on how digitalisation will drive work-life convergence, Ng Wee Wei expressed the importance of creating a safe environment that is inclusive and diverse so that employees can feel it is safe to share their ideas and perspectives. By engaging in empathetic listening, it becomes easy to build intentional connection. When done right, these experiences create a culture that champions purpose, authenticity and psychological safety.

To Ng, the future of work is more than just physical spaces and locations, where leading organisations recognise talent as a key force to drive continuous change and competitive differentiation. She emphasises that it is actually about that sense of belonging and connection for people to build a culture with emphasis on relationships, not on spaces and places; and technology plays a key role. Alongside her focus on the professional advancement of employees, Ng noted the importance of staff wellbeing in an interview with The Business Times. Employees in Singapore now have the opportunity to request unlimited vacation leave, a policy aimed at promoting rest. She underscored that exceptional work is nurtured by adequate rest.

In her current role in Southeast Asia, Ng plays a pivotal role in Accenture’s business expansion across the region. In a conversation with The Economist, she discussed the need for organisations to embark on systematic, continuous transformations of their entire enterprises in order to respond to customer needs that are constantly in flux and sometimes paradoxical. The focus now shifts from one and done programs to being proudly “all about change”.

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