HR Champions: Nation-building with Ramon Ang


  • Title: CEO
  • Organisation: San Miguel Corporation
  • Office headquarters: Philippines
  • Company operations: Southeast Asia, China, and Australia
  • Industry: Food and beverages
  • Employees: 70,000

Ramon Ang is dedicated to advancing the welfare of employees, giving back to the less fortunate, nurturing the next generation, and nation-building. He has shared with PEP TV in the past that he uses the majority of his wealth for business and the continuous creation of local jobs and opportunities for his countrymen.

During the pandemic, SMC was able to guarantee employees their full salaries and benefits at a time when most companies were expected to cut personnel expenses. Ang even went above and beyond: his was the first Filipino company to build a Covid-19 testing facility specially for the workforce. reports that SMC provided interest-free loans to support workers in acquiring alternative modes of solo transportation. A budget equivalent of more than SGD 24 million was allotted to procure vaccines and set up vaccination centres for employees, the extended workforce, and their families nationwide.

Worker reviews online speak of an environment that is fun and diverse, productive, and harmonious. Tools and training opportunities are provided to employees, and internal promotions and job rotation schemes allow growth and advancement. Employees’ family members are also invited to take part during company outings, reflecting the family-oriented values of the CEO himself. 

In a local lifestyle magazine, Ang’s daughter Cecile describes her father’s principles as, “It’s not enough that you value your family; you have to spend time with them.” She adds that her father has always been keen to share what he has and give back to the community, saying, “My dad wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of so many people, so he always reminds us to be generous and give as much as we can.”

Having started from scratch, Ang grew up adapting to difficult situations and interacting with people of various backgrounds. He recognises how every opportunity to uplift one’s life is a privilege, and aims to provide that for the people around him.

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