HR Ecosystem Awards: Employee engagement category

It’s no secret that employee engagement is one of the most crucial factors in maintaining business performance: when workers are not engaged nor motivated, it eventually surfaces in organisational outcomes. Under the HR Ecosystem Awards, the Employee Engagement category will shine the spotlight on B2B services, tech, and other providers geared towards driving up a cohesive worker experience and helping HR emphasise a sense of meaning and purpose in the workplace.

The Employee Engagement category will share to the Southeast Asia HR community the top service providers carefully formulating strategies for increasing engagement and satisfaction. These are organisations who recognise the importance of fostering a sense of ownership alongside a healthy work-life balance: striking the middle ground for optimal productivity without allowing workers to go into burnout or autopilot. If this is something your company struggles with, then stay tuned for when we reveal our finalists and eventual winner: you’re sure to find the best service provider that will cater to your unique engagement needs.

Key Assessment Criteria:

Judges evaluating the finalists and selecting the ultimate winners will focus on two key criteria that define excellence in employee engagement:

  • Criteria #1 – Cohesion and Motivation: The partner or solution’s capability to foster strong cohesion and motivation within their client’s workforce and teams, promoting a positive and engaged work environment.
  • Criteria #2 – Customised Programs: The partner or solution’s potential to provide bespoke employee engagement programs, tailoring initiatives to suit the unique circumstances and requirements of each individual client, ensuring meaningful and impactful engagement strategies.

The Essential Guide to Nominating: Employee engagement

Nominations are open for:

  • Organisations and Teams in:
    • Southeast Asia

Nominees need to answer the ff: (suggested responses of 20-250 words each):

  • Ability of the partner or solution to build cohesion and motivation across their client’s workforce and teams.
  • Ability of the partner or solution to offer bespoke programmes, based on each individual client’s circumstances. (optional)

Nominees are also able to provide digital files, images, or video in support of their answers.

Other details required:

  • Name and contact details of the person nominating
  • Type of nomination (Partner, Solution, Both) 


Click here to nominate your organisation for the Employee engagement category.

Click here to find out more about the HR Ecosystem Awards,
including other categories, key dates, and frequently asked questions.

Nominations must close on October 29, 2023.

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