Beyond the Trophy: What Winners of the HR Stars Awards Can Expect to Receive

The HR Stars Awards is an event that recognises the contributions and accomplishments of outstanding HR professionals and teams throughout Southeast Asia. With 12 categories that cover a wide range of HR functions and specialties, the awards celebrate the unsung heroes of businesses who work tirelessly to create positive impacts on their organisation and people.

But what do the winners of the HR Stars Awards actually receive as prizes?

For each of the 12 categories, winners will receive a trophy and certificate, which they can proudly display in their office or home to showcase their achievement. They will also be provided with the HR Stars Awards logo that they can use in their marketing materials to promote their status as a winner.

Moreover, winners will be featured in the upcoming issue of the Chief of Staff Asia magazine, where they can share their success stories and best practices with other HR professionals and teams across Asia. The magazine is a platform for winners to showcase their accomplishments, gain additional recognition, and network with other top-performing HR practitioners.

For the Employer of Choice award winner, they will receive a PR package worth 5000 SGD. The package includes an exclusive interview with the HR Stars Awards team for the magazine, where they can share their strategies and insights on how they became the employer of choice. This interview will also be featured in a separate article, highlighting their unique approach and practices, and shared across various social media platforms.

Overall, the HR Stars Awards is not just about winning a trophy or certificate; it is an opportunity to gain recognition, showcase best practices, and network with other HR professionals and teams in the industry. If you know an HR professional or team who deserves to be recognised for their hard work and contributions to the HR industry, nominate them for the HR Stars Awards now!

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