HR Tech Update: Enhancing employer value propositions through good branding technology

allison-moore-2Many assume that branding is the sole focus of the marketing department, but an organisation’s HR is actually an invaluable cornerstone of great brand communication for employees. When employees have an in-depth and accurate understanding of their employer’s brand, they also better perceive the values, aspirations, and responsibilities they can strive towards in their role. All these factors contribute to the unique set of benefits that shape an EVP, or employer value proposition, which is offered to all employees in exchange for their skills and commitment. HR’s role in effectively communicating and upholding the aspects that shape a brand is crucial – especially when it comes to aligning technological tools with HR practices and the organisation’s branding initiatives.

HR professionals can use digital tools as a part of the EVP to form a strong employer brand, which will attract and retain top talent. Applicant tracking systems are one example, which allows HR to improve candidates’ experiences and showcase the company’s culture, values, and selling points early on in the hiring process – demonstrating what sets their brand apart from the competition, and positioning the brand as an attractive choice.

It’s important to continue employer branding initiatives throughout an employee’s time at the company by presenting consistent brand messaging. While it may be common HR practice to update employees and other stakeholders on common EVP components, such as through corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports, employee appreciation events, and annual reports, HR also needs to maintain effective and consistent engagement with employees. Using platforms such as CoBuzz to craft and deliver sharply branded messages for employees on topics like diversity, career development, innovation, and recognition of good work can transform the workforce into advocates for their employer.

Using technology from companies such as CoBuzz strategically enables HR’s efforts, and is essential in improving both the internal and external brand image. This people-centric approach is what many talented professionals are seeking. Many candidates are now expressing a desire for their employers to have genuine, caring policies that uphold their rights, clear opportunities for career progression, flexibility in the work environment, and consistent support from management and HR. The right technology can help to deliver this.

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