HR Tech Update: Executing hybrid staff events with HR technologies


Staff events offer a multitude of benefits for organisations, offering opportunities for interactive learning and development, for brands to showcase their strong culture, and to keep employees engaged and motivated. On a larger scale, we can see the impact of staff events on the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry, affecting sales and revenue and benefiting the wider economy on a regional and national level. Staff events in all kinds of businesses, from travel and hospitality to tech and beyond, serve a multitude of purposes and can become crucial components for organisational success.

The advantages of having hybrid staff events

Staff events are essential for fostering a sense of community in the workplace. They are hubs for connection and networking, promoting camaraderie, boosting morale, and strengthening team cohesion. Connecting with your workplace peers from all different corners of an organisation in a more casual setting helps bridge gaps for improved communication and understanding. With remote work becoming ever more prevalent, these rare occasions are incredibly valuable for a team to feel more unified – especially when working towards the same company objectives.  

These events also play a pivotal role in employee learning and development, acting as a platform for sharing knowledge and taking part in training, seminars and workshops. Informative sessions can upskill and empower the workforce, resulting in a more productive and effective workplace. 

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses into purely online (or severely limited in-person) events. As post-pandemic conditions began to improve, advantages of virtual spaces, such as a higher degree of connection with remote parties and better information sharing and storing, became apparent. Organisations can gain the best of both worlds by using HR technologies to execute hybrid events instead of sticking to just physical, in-person meet-ups. 

HR technologies to keep an eye on

When we picture hybrid or virtual event tech, we might think of Zoom or Microsoft Teams. While these virtual conference platforms are a great starting point, and can act as the backbone for virtual attendees, there’s more tech available for HR. 

Consider promotion for the event – use mobile event apps such as SeeMeCV to spread the word through a centralised hub for attendees. They’ll be able to access event information at any time, discuss details with other attendees, and add their own input. 

During the event, HR can use interactive tools such as live streaming technology that allows virtual attendees to be a part of the conversation in real time. Both remote and in-person staff can also use these tools to engage in polls, quizzes, games, or question and answer sessions that enhance any event’s immersion and engagement. This valuable data can then be analysed by HR post-event to make data-driven decisions for future gatherings.

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